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Recently, Laurel Glen Vineyard enjoyed collaborating with RedFin to help provide tips for storing wine for those without a wine cellar at home. 

Read more below and follow the link for a full set of tips and tricks you can try.

“Wine lovers span across the United States consuming 4 billion bottles of wine in just one year! But many of you may question whether you’re storing your beloved bottles correctly. Even if your home isn’t equipped with a wine cellar, you can still store wine in ideal conditions to preserve and maximize aging potential…”

 RedFin, February 14, 2020
By Lexi Klinkenberg

Avoid heat and sunlight

The best place to store wine in your home is in a cool, dark place where the temperature doesn’t change much over the course of the year.

To decant or not to decant, that is the question.​ Fundamentally, decanting wine is all about aeration.​ When introducing air back to the juice in the bottle, the ​flavors, aromas and textures will be more vibrant upon pouring into the glass. For older, aged wines, decanting is also a way to remove any sediment that may have settled during wine storage. Adding oxygen can open up a wine and give it extra life. Cabernet is a “lively” wine and usually benefits from decanting. Perhaps you have opened a bottle and it seems unexpressive, a sommelier would try aeration in a decanter. Or you could try an aeration device. Remember to also allow time to work it’s magic on the wine.

For more tips, read the article on Redfin:  view article