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by: Amy Lieberfarb

When properly served, Cabernet has hearty flavors that wine lovers continually seek out.​  It is America’s favorite red wine, and it is easy to see why.

When serving a bolder, more full bodied red wine, keeping a few things in mind can bring out the best characteristics of the varietal.Temperature served, storage protocols and even glass shape can add or detract from the Cabernet experience. After using these tips from the team at Laurel Glen Vineyard, you will be serving a glass of Cabernet to guests with total confidence at your next dinner party. 

Best Serving Temperature 

What temperature should my wine be when I pour it in the glass? This all depends on the varietal and Cabernet is no exception. Serving a glass of Cab at the proper temperature is important. The wine’s flavors will present well anywhere between 55 and 65 degrees, or what is known as cellar temperature. The appropriate temperature preserves the wine and allows it to put its best foot forward. ​Most bold red wines will only flower into full flavor at a temperature that is slightly cooler than room temperature. For wine that has been stored in a cellar or wine fridge, this means you need to warm it up slightly by leaving it at room temperature for about 30 minutes. For wine stored at room temperature, consider cooling the wine slightly by putting it in the fridge for 30 minutes. This will result in the best experience
***Another tip is to remember to hold the wine glass by the stem. When you hold the wine glass by the bowl, your hand warms the wine more rapidly. 

Decant The Bottle 

To decant or not to decant, that is the question.​ Fundamentally, decanting wine is all about aeration.​ When introducing air back to the juice in the bottle, the ​flavors, aromas and textures will be more vibrant upon pouring into the glass. For older, aged wines, decanting is also a way to remove any sediment that may have settled during wine storage. Adding oxygen can open up a wine and give it extra life. Cabernet is a “lively” wine and usually benefits from decanting. Perhaps you have opened a bottle and it seems unexpressive, a sommelier would try aeration in a decanter. Or you could try an aeration device. Remember to also allow time to work it’s magic on the wine. 

Steps To Decanting Cabernet 
  1. Choose the bottle from the cellar 24 hours in advance. Place it upright to allow for sediment to settle to the bottom of the bottle.
  2. Uncork the bottle  an hour or so before serving, making sure to wipe off any cork dust or sediment from the bottle neck.
  3. Get your decanter ready and…
  4. Pour slowly, steadily without any pause until you get to the bottom third of the bottle, at which point you pour even slower to reduce motion and allow sediment to rest on bottom.
  5. If the wine color becomes cloudy or sediment is seen at the neck of the bottle in the final moments of pouring, stop pouring and leave the rest to settle.
  6. Try a bit now to see how the wine is, and take a sip in an hour before serving to train yourself on the differences as the wine opens up.
Choosing the Right Glass 

Is there a glass designed for a more bold and robust style of wine? Of course there is. ​As we have shown, wine needs a very specific serving procedure to produce the flavors and aromas desired once in the glass. Cabernet is best served in a glass with a larger bowl for maximum air exposure. A larger surface area at the bottom of the glass allows the wine to come into more contact with oxygen. A tapered glass (with a narrower rim than bowl) helps funnel the full range of aromas to your nose from the bottom of the glass. The bordeaux glass, which is taller than most traditional glasses, is designed for full bodied, heavier reds like Cabernet, Cabernet based Blends or Merlot. Ultimately, a good Cabernet glass will allow you to get your nose inside the glass and will direct the wine to the tip of the tongue allowing a full range of aromas and flavors to affect your palate. 

Tips When Drinking Cabernet… 

Enjoy yourself and share with those around you. Wine with friends is better than wine without. Drink well and drink responsibly.